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    I have seen your outdoor speaker products at Hotels, Resorts . Can I install these outdoor speakers myself?

    Yes, while we are most renowned for our professional commercial installations county wide, our outdoor speaker products are designed with ease of use in mind. Even professional systems integrators like a product easy to install and many thousands of normal consumers and enthusiasts have installed our products themselves with no difficulties.

    Can I connect my outdoor speakers to my receiver in the house?

    Yes! While many configurations are possible including the use of line amplifiers etc. our exterior speaker units are commonly connected to household amplification. Please refer to your amplifier for correct connection procedures.

    How do I connect to my outside speakers?

    While there are many methods of connecting exterior speakers, most are decided by the personal preference of the installer involved, the most simple is the caulking and duck tape methods.

    Can I really get these outdoor speakers wet? What about the sprinklers hitting them or being splashed from the pool?

    In all these outdoor speaker installations our products have stood the tests of time and weather. Our products are specifically designed to withstand water and while there are many stories of actual accidental submersion, our outdoor speaker products continue to perform as designed. Our exterior speakers are not underwater speakers and in that regard, technically, all such outdoor speakers must be referred to as "water-resistant" and not "water-proof".

    Our exterior products are also water-proof against the intermittent water wash of modern garden sprinkler systems. While we do not recommend you to place your outdoor speakers in the direct spray of garden sprinklers, intermittent or accidental exposure poses no problems either by design or historically. Some consideration should be made when considering prolonged exposure to pool or spa waters. These waters contain harsh chlorinated solvents particularly harmful to modern plastics and advanced materials. Again our engineers have considered this in their designs and while prolonged or continual exposure could be harmful, intermittent or occasional exposure poses no problems.

    I have a _____ space, how many outdoor speakers do I need?

    Outdoor Speaker quantity decisions based upon coverage space for exterior installation are difficult because each exterior space being a garden type setting has idiosyncrasies of design. In that, exterior gardens typically have garden walls, trees, foliage and architectural features all of which contribute to complicate the standards of audio systems design. Beyond the normal speaker installation considerations, some attention must be made to the landscaping and features of an exterior installation. Without knowing those existing conditions in advance it would be difficult or irrelevant if not impossible for our staff or anyone else to offer any concrete design specifications or recommendations. Be wary of those who do. They are selling you and not offering an Outdoor Sound Solution.

    In general it would be best to calculate any exterior speaker coverage areas against any existing features that may apply. Typically sound "broadcast" spread from the outdoor speaker is calculated at between 30' - 60' speaker dependent. Many exterior speakers are mono-directional and as such require placement to best receive their more limited "cone" of operation. Ambient conditions and background noise would lean towards using corners or solid architectural features for sound promotion while ignoring any promontories or surrounding foliage would lead to detrimental outdoor sound decay. Consider the use or avoidance of all exterior garden features before deciding on final garden speaker layout.

    How far should the outdoor speakers be apart?

    Typically, the ratio for outdoor speaker sound broadcast range based upon the SPL of the speakers used and average ambient background noise, is 30 - 60 ft. It is generally accepted that speakers of less than 88db or more generally (full range) under 100 watts are typically expected to perform satisfactorily in the 30 foot broadcast range while outdoor speakers above these ratings should adequately reach and even begin to exceed the 60 - 100 foot separation stage. The actual outdoor speaker type as well as configuration also plays an important part of outdoor system design

    What burial cable should I use?

    Best cable to be used for outdoors is 2 core 1.5 Sq.mm. Armoured, Copper cable.

    Do your outdoor speakers have left and right channels?

    Our full range outdoor speakers may be connected to either the left or right single channel individually, not both at once. In a typical (*some amplifiers are excepted) situation an amplifier provides connections for two to four speakers connected to the "A" and / or the "B" channel. Each speaker would be connected to the left or the right connection of those channels and not the left and the right or both.

    Most outdoor speakers we sell operate on one channel requiring both left & right speakers for stereo operation.

    Are there any special precautions I should take to protect my outside speakers in the Rain?

    While no special precautions are absolutely necessary, some may be beneficial or even prudent considering the range of exterior conditions seasonally. A trick learned many years ago from the many installations, who use our products is to cover the units with a plastic bag while outside in rain or under severe weather conditions.

    What do you mean by 8 Ohm/100V on some outdoor speaker models?

    At times you can connect a maximum of 6- 8 speakers of 8 Ohm Impedance directly to an amplifier. When the number of speakers goes beyond 9 nos. the best way of installation is to use a constant voltage system of 100V. You need to use special amplifier for this purpose about which we will able to guide you anytime.

    What is the outdoor speaker Warranty?

    The standard outdoor speaker product Warranty is a one year warranty covering parts.

    What colors do the outdoor Rock Speakers, come in?

    The Outdoor Speaker Stones are available in GreyBlack, Earth Brown, Moss Green finishes. Each one is hand finished to create the most realistic and aesthetically pleasing natural stone look and feel. If you need a different colour you can let us know.

    What are the Outdoor Rock Speakers made of?

    Our simulated stone speakers are constructed of a fiberglass composite. It has a tremendous strength to weight ratio and is totally inert in use.

    Q - How do we connect the Lamp Speakers

    In case of Lamp Speakers, we require two separate cables for connecting the Speakers and the Light.

    What cables do we use for Lamp Speakers?

    Since we need two separate cables for Lamp Speakers the best cable is 4 core, 1.5 sq.mm., armoured, Copper cable.

    *Note; this section is under constant review and we will post the most frequently asked questions as they come up - Thank you!